National Conference for School and College Chaplains - Online

A time and space for reflection and growth

09 - 10 June 2021

Revd Dr Peter Phillips

Research Fellow and Director

Centre for Digital Theology

Revd Dr Peter Phillips is a Research Fellow and Director at the Centre for Digital Theology, Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University, as well as Head of Digital Theology at Premier Christian media. His current research focuses around the impact of digital culture on theology and on contemporary religious practice. He has recently led collaborative research around the Bible and Digital Millennials, published by Routledge in 2019 and Defining Digital Theology, published in De Gruyter’s Open Theology Journal. He has also published “Pixelated Text” in Theology 2018,  Engaging the Word with BRF in 2018, and a new book on The Bible, Social Media and Digital Culture with Routledge in 2019, and co-edited Missio Dei in a Digital Age in 2020. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Pete has written a number of presentations/blogs available here ( and is lead author of the Grove Booklet on Hybrid Church. Formerly New Testament Tutor at Cliff College, Pete’s passion is biblically rooted research into contemporary culture.  



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