National Conference for School and College Chaplains - Online

A time and space for reflection and growth

09 - 10 June 2021

Dr Hilary Marlow

Director of Studies, Girton College

University of Cambridge

Hilary Marlow is Fellow, Graduate Tutor and Director of Studies at Girton College and an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity. She teaches Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew to students in the Faculty of Divinity and in other contexts.

Hilary’s research focuses on reading religious Scriptures in the context of modern society, with several emphases. The first is the Bible’s depiction of the interaction between people and the natural world, and the relevance of this in contemporary contexts. She is particularly interested in religious, especially Christian, motivations for environmental concern and the use of the Bible in environmental ethics. Her work includes textual studies on the portrayal of nature, study of creation texts and their interpretation in later Jewish and Christian traditions, ecological hermeneutics and theological and exegetical study on what it means to be human in the light of current scientific developments.

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